Pinto the BlogDog

Meet Pinto the BlogDog and the rest of the Gang at Sweet Hills Farm!

Pinto’s Blog Posts
#1 – Pinto the BlogDog
#2 – Pinto’s Pal Brodi
#3 – Pinto Ate Something Bad
#4 – The CATS
#5 – The Horses
#6 – Abby Does A Bad Thing
#7 – The Chickens
#8 – The Ranch
#9 – Happy Mother’s Day!
#10 – Goings on at Sweet Hills Farm
#11 – I Was Bad
#12 – Interview with Brodi
#13 – Pinto’s New Friend
#14 – Merrygold is Retired
#15 – SNOW
#16 – Baths!
#17 – Brodi’s New Ball
#18 – Cows
#19 – Brodi and the Skunk
#20 – Dolly the Ewe
#21 – Dolly’s Flock
#22 – Lamby Lambs!
23 – Me ‘n’ Ewes
#24 – Ol’ Gump
#25 – The Ram!
#26 – Ava The New Cat
#27 – Placenta

Here’s Pinto!

Age: about 9
Breed: Border Collie and Queensland Heeler
Job: Chief of Fence Security



2 Responses to Pinto the BlogDog

  1. The City Slicker says:

    It needs to be mentioned that Jerome, that black cat, is literally twice the size and weight of all the other cats, you just can’t tell because you can’t ever get within ten feet of that cat…

    we caught him once to move him, and had him at our house for a few weeks and he really was a sweetie… his purrs would shake the house!

    • Robin W.L. says:

      Thank you for your comment, and yes, it’s true Jerome is gigantic! He’s also very shy! But sweet all the same. When we adopted him, he had been a “street kitten,” was so scrawy, like a wraith. He’s made up for it now!

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