#23 Pinto the BlogDog – Me ‘n’ Ewes

Howdy Folks!  Pinto the BlogDog here.  How a’ y’all doin’?  I’m doin’ great – busy, working day ‘n’ night ’round here, keepin’ everybody and everythin’ organized.  That’s m’job.

The thing is, M’Lady has all these sheep.  The little lambs have been growin’, growin’, growin’.  They’re so big, gettin’ ready for market.  They’ve been weaned from their mammas, so now they’re self-sustaining-beings on their own.  But they still like to be with their mammas.  If you see a ewe out in the pasture with a half grown lamb beside her, you can bet that’s her baby.


The little lambs, eating, eating, eating!  That’s YoursTruly ‘n’ Brodi by the barn, snuffling around for summat good to eat!

We have to move ’em from pasture to pasture to corrals ‘n’ back again.  What a lotta work!  And, M’Lady, she figgers, since she has a “sheep dog,” that I oughta be able to help her.  I wanna help, lemme help!  But she says, “No, Pinto, you don’t know what you’re doing, and cause more trouble than it’s worth!”

Wow.  Stab me thru the heart, M’Lady!  ‘Cause really, it’s M’Lady who doesn’t know what she’s doing!  I’m a bordercolliesheepdog fer cryin’ out loud!  I just need to know the cues, and lemme tellya, M’Lady does not know the cues to give me in order for me to work to my full potential!

In the meantime, the one good thing about me, according to M’Lady, is that when I’m around, the sheep PAY ATTENTION.  If I’m walking behind ’em with M’Lady, they move FORWARD.  If I’m off to the right, they go LEFT.  If I block the gate, they STOP.  If I’m not around, those sheep don’t give M’Lady a moment’s notice, ‘n’ won’t obey her attall.  At least that’s somethin’!


The ewes watchin’ me. They don’t look too scairt!

Oh, and here’s another thing.  She and ClayMan made this fabulous “working area” for the sheep.  It’s inside one of our corrals, and is made of a series of panels ‘n’ chutes.


The ewes in the working chutes.

The sheep walk into a funnel which narrows and narrows, finally becoming a chute, and finally becoming so narrow that the sheep are sorta single file.


M’Lady’s work table – it’s actually a water-trough laid on its side. Has all her stuff on it. Ear-tagger, cotton balls, syringes and needles, hydrogen peroxide, wormer, vaccinations. Purty handy!


That’s TheBoss worming a ewe.

This makes it so M’Lady ‘n’ her helpers (think TheBoss ‘n’ FarmGirl) can worm, eartag, vaccinate ‘n’ doctor ’em.  It works GREAT.  Keeps all the sheep and humans safe and contained.  My job, of course, is to help move the sheep into the funnel.  She designed the work area herself, and is purty happy with it.

Next month, a ram is coming to live with the ewes.  You know.  For babies.  Education ‘n’ entertainment fer the neighbors, that’s what I say.  That oughta be somethin’.

Well, gotta run.  M’Lady is headin’ out to the corrals and is callin’ me.  Yipee!

Keep Your Tail Wagging!



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