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New Wheat Technology Center in Idaho!

Monsanto recently opened a Wheat Technology Center in Filer, Idaho, which is expected to increase wheat breeding efficiency.  The center boasts an operation for wheat seed cleaning, trial preparation and seed storage.  The new facility will bring on 17 full-time … Continue reading

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GMO’s – The Next Generation

A new generation of genetically modified food might be headed for our grocery stores, and it’s totally something to get excited about! First up – potatoes that don’t bruise easily and have lower amounts of carcinogens when fried, and apples … Continue reading

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‘Twas The Night Before Planting

This poem can be found on the website America’s Farmers, a website dedicated to sharing the lives of families who spend their days working the land with those who enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Enjoy! ‘Twas the night before … Continue reading

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Setting the Record Straight on Glyphosate Application

The agvocates of the web have been very vocal in debunking an article that claimed wheat farmers  “drench” their crops in herbicides before harvest as an industry standard practice. This, of course, is not a standard practice, and farmers that … Continue reading

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Agribusiness Profile – Collyn Larson

By participating in Leadership Idaho Agriculture, I had the opportunity to meet a group of wonderful people working in a variety of agriculture-related fields, including conservation, research, education, irrigation, and production.  The agricultural industry in the United States employs millions … Continue reading

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The GMO Debate: 5 Things To Stop Arguing

Tamar Haspel, an oyster farmer and a science and food writer from the Cape Cod area, wrote this great little article for The Washington Post. It addresses the increasingly ugly GMO debate, and she describes 5 points used by both … Continue reading

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Oh, Sugar, Sugar!

Think sugar only comes from sugar cane? Think again! Sugar also comes from large, strange looking sugar beets!   Yep, beets. Sugar beets flourish in the long Idaho summers, and the state ranks second in the nation for sugar beet … Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s are a big topic, one that is not only controversial, but raises strong emotion in many people.  While we at Kiss My Tractor are not prepared to take sides, we do represent mainstream farmers who use sustainable methods, … Continue reading

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Your Day Begins With A Farmer

This video, by America’s Farmers, aired in some regions during the Superbowl. Another lovely reminder of how important our farming families are. Enjoy!

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America’s Farmers Grow More Than Food

Enjoy today’s video from America’s Farmers  

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