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New Book Review – Angle of Repose

ANGLE OF REPOSE, by Wallace Stegner, published in 1971 by Doubleday Books, winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The term, angle of repose, is an engineering term which describes the exact point or angle at which gravel will begin to roll … Continue reading

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New Book Review – What I’ve Learned From No-Tilling

  What I’ve Learned From No-Till, Cropping Secrets From 58 Highly Successful No-Tillers,               by Ron Ross, 2007                           Published by Lessiter Publications, Inc,  … Continue reading

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Magazine Review – Edible

  The WeeLaddie and I were meeting Mom and a few other ladies at a funky coffee shop in town the other week, and I saw a stack of edible magazines on the shelf. It looked interesting, so I snagged … Continue reading

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New Book Review

The Farmer’s Earthworm Handbook, Managing Your Underground Money-Makers, by David Ernst, Published by Lessiter Publications, 1995.  Everything you always wanted to know about earthworms, but didn’t know who to ask, is all found in the 112 pages of this valuable handbook. … Continue reading

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Farming Book Reviews

THE MACMILLAN COMPANY     published a number of books on farming which were apparently well received. THE RURAL SCIENCE SERIES     Approximately 54 books, from soil to nuts     Published about 1910, edited by L.H. Bailey     Price, $1.50 each … Continue reading

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