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Corporate farms ARE family farms

We often hear of “corporate farms.” What many people don’t know is that the majority of family farms are held as corporations! The reasons for doing this are many – consolidating ownership, diversifying liability, and decreasing the farmer’s personal tax … Continue reading

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Pizza My Heart

I’m pretty sure there’ is/was a pizza place in Santa Cruz, California with that name! Pizza could probably be named The World’s Favorite Food. Pizza can be fancy shmancy gourmet from a specialty pizza shop, or a slice from Domino’s, and the … Continue reading

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Cool Facts About Wheat

Wheat harvest is just finishing up across the nation, so we thought we’d share some interesting facts about wheat! Farmers on 160,817 farms in the United States grow about 2.27 billion bushels of wheat (100 million bushels are grown right … Continue reading

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The Farmstead is #1

We would like to brag and crow a bit about one of our own! USA Today recently put out a list of the Top 10 corn mazes across the United States. The Farmstead of Boise, Idaho was #1 on their … Continue reading

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The Spirit of the Agrarian Creed

Americans are familiar with the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, but there was another set of principles the Founding Fathers held closely, although they never formally adopted them. Those principles are the Agrarian Creed, also known as the … Continue reading

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Farming By the Numbers

This, from the 2012 Agriculture Census $19.5 billion was the total value spent on seeds by U.S. farmers in 2012, up 66% from 2007 95.5 million no-till acres were reported by producers in the U.S. for 2012. That’s more than … Continue reading

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New Wheat Technology Center in Idaho!

Monsanto recently opened a Wheat Technology Center in Filer, Idaho, which is expected to increase wheat breeding efficiency.  The center boasts an operation for wheat seed cleaning, trial preparation and seed storage.  The new facility will bring on 17 full-time … Continue reading

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California Governor Stands Up For Agriculture

In recent articles about California’s dire water situation, Governor Jerry Brown defended his order requiring Californians to cut back on their water use, and sparing those who consume the most water – farmers. California is in its 4th year of … Continue reading

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Growing Agriculture Graduates

Less than 7% of bachelor degree recipients in agriculture and natural resources are unemployed, the third lowest rate of 15 major degree programs. This fact has fueled growth in undergraduate enrollment in agricultural colleges and departments by 20 percent from … Continue reading

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Bringing the Farm to School

As the interest in consuming locally-produced fruits, vegetables, and animal products is increasing in homes around the country, it is also increasing in our schools. Buying locally-produced products adds to the local economy, provides fresh food for the children, and … Continue reading

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