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This month, we are happy to introduce you to RYAN BROS CATTLE of Colton, Washington.  RYAN BROS CATTLE include Bill, Gary and Les Ryan, and their brother-in-law, Chet Pearce.  These guys are the real deal – they are ranchers and … Continue reading

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Farmer Update – Mike Whitman

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here is another interesting Autumn update from Farmer Mike Whitman in Pullman, WA. Dear Robin, As far as farming is concerned, as you probably already know, the drain tile was installed on the Albion farm which will make … Continue reading

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Garbanzo Harvest, Palouse Farm

Harvest has just wrapped up in Eastern Washington – wheat, barley, lentils, peas and GARBANZOS!  I visited Todd Strader last week, and he let me take photos of his harvest in action.  We highlighted Todd and his operation in August, … Continue reading

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Canola Help You?

WHAT IS THIS? Pretty yellow flowers? Yes. Pretty yellow canola flowers, that is. Yep, canola, as in canola oil that we’re all familiar with, comes from the seeds of these pretty yellow flowers. Canola is a newer crop, having been … Continue reading

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Farmer Profile – Steve Kaufman

Farmer Steve Kaufman is another of my Leadership Idaho Agriculture classmates.  He was good enough to give me some of his valuable time during harvest to talk with me, and I very much enjoyed learning more about him, and about … Continue reading

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Thought of the Week

“Living in this rural community, I am surrounded by agriculture. I’m so thankful that I understand where my food comes from and how agriculture works. I’m very fortunate.” -Maya Wahl, FFA Wheat Ambassador

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Farmer Update from Guy Therrien

This time of year, the farmers are buttoned up in their houses, unless, of course, they keep livestock.  Farmer Guy Therrien, whom we profiled in June, 2013, just sent a note to me, telling of his recent thoughts, and I … Continue reading

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Farmer Profile – Les Ryan

We are very pleased to introduce you to Les and Laurie Ryan, farmers who live in Colton, Washington.  This is the heart of  the rich Palouse region located on the Washington-Idaho border.  Their operation is called Ryan River Ranch, and … Continue reading

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Leadership Idaho Agriculture – Moscow Session

The first session of Class 34 of the Leadership Idaho Agriculture program started on Monday evening in Moscow, Idaho. Moscow is in the very special agricultural region known as the Palouse. The farms in this area are dryland, meaning there … Continue reading

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Speaking of Wheat Harvest…

Check out this gorgeous photo that my brother, ClayMan took, after harvest near Bald Butte Ranch in Eastern Washington (click on photo to enlarge).

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