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Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s are a big topic, one that is not only controversial, but raises strong emotion in many people.  While we at Kiss My Tractor are not prepared to take sides, we do represent mainstream farmers who use sustainable methods, … Continue reading

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The Panama Canal Project!

Have you heard?  Panama is expanding its canal!  This is good news for our farmers, and for all of us in the U.S.A. Portions of the canal are to be new, and other improvements will be the expansion of the … Continue reading

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New Book Review – What I’ve Learned From No-Tilling

  What I’ve Learned From No-Till, Cropping Secrets From 58 Highly Successful No-Tillers,               by Ron Ross, 2007                           Published by Lessiter Publications, Inc,  … Continue reading

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Foodie Buzzwords

     As the locally-produced, “green” food movement gains momentum, more and more producers and companies are slapping labels on their products that tell you their food is “hormone-free” or “naturally-raised.” But do these hot phrases actually mean what we … Continue reading

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     So what’s the big deal about buying our food from the USA, or even from the farm stand down the road?  What difference does it make?  Why not buy the cheapest tomato, even though it’s been grown in … Continue reading

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The Farm Bill

     We hear the word “Farm Bill” in the news.  But what is it, and what does it mean?  We’ve heard the media say that it is “farmer welfare,” and “farm supplements.”  We’ve heard that American farmers are paid … Continue reading

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Thought of the Week

Add more worms to your soil, and you will have a healthier crop-bed, lawn and garden! Burrows left by worms are nature’s own system for collecting rainwater in the soil where plant roots can suck it up.  This gives less … Continue reading

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The only non-gross worm photo on the internet          Can we talk?     About worms, I mean!  Now, I know that worms are not at the top of the dinner-party-list-of-conversations.  They probably aren’t even something we ever … Continue reading

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Making a Molehill out of a Mountain

     Farmers have been battling Mother Nature’s attempts to destroy their livelihood since Adam and Eve were booted from the Garden of Eden.  One of MN’s effective techniques to frustrate farmers is soil erosion, by water, wind and tillage … Continue reading

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Soil Erosion – a problem for farmers since the Garden of Eden!

Check out this video to learn how big of a problem soil erosion is for farmers, and how they’re using direct seed technology to combat this problem!

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