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Washington’s Fabulous Potatoes

Sure, I live in Idaho, the state of famous potatoes.  But our next door neighbor grows massive amounts of potatoes, too.  In fact, Washington has been declared to have “the world’s most productive potato fields.” About 250 Washington farms produced … Continue reading

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Recipe from a Farmer’s Table

ROASTED LEG OR ROAST OF LAMB This is outstanding and super easy – from American Lamb   1 boneless leg or roast of American lamb, approximately 4-6 lbs. Marinade: 4 cloves garlic, pressed 2 lemons, zested – use the zest and … Continue reading

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Idaho Is Rich With Agriculture!

It’s true that every state grows a large variety of crops and livestock.  Here is Idaho’s list – 194 products and counting!  This list was compiled by Idaho Ag. in the Classroom. Alfalfa Alfalfa seed Alligators Alpacas Apples Apricots Aquatic … Continue reading

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Thought of the Week

Now that is a beautiful udder! -Livestock producers everywhere YOU’RE WELCOME, AMERICA!

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American Lamb

Some quick fact that I gleaned from the Food Producers of Idaho’s Ag. Pavilion at the Western Idaho Fair in July this year.  For your use and storehouse of agricultural knowledge. AMERICAN LAMB More than 80,000 family farmers raise lamb … Continue reading

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The Idaho Potato Commission can thank the New York City Police Department for drawing attention to a grandiose publicity stunt orchestrated on August 24th in the Big Apple. The department issued a tongue-in-cheek all-points bulletin over the police radio advising … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Corn

There’s nothing quite like fresh summer fruits and veggies. Crisp watermelon, juicy peaches, tangy tomatoes, and of course, fresh sweet corn with kernels that “POP” in your mouth! Sweet corn was developed right here in North America, when a natural … Continue reading

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GMO Spud Sponsors Boise Olympic Cyclist

This week, 43 year old Kristin Armstrong, the two time Olympic gold medal winning cyclist from Boise will compete in the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro with the distinction of being the first athlete ever sponsored by a crop … Continue reading

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Chinese Lanterns!

Early on the morning of July 5th, I found this right on the edge of our very dry wheat field – a God-Bless-America Chinese lantern! It is by the grace of God that it didn’t burn the entire field.  There … Continue reading

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Cereal Tidbits

In Rome, in 496 BC there was a drought.  The priests thought if they started worshiping the Greek goddess, Demeter, she might help.  They changed her name to Ceres from the Latin “crescere,” meaning “to grow” which is also the … Continue reading

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