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We’d like to highlight a new seasonal worker program, instituted by the state of Washington.  This program is called the Washington Farm Labor Association, or simply “WAFLA.”  They are doing a test run, and as they work out details and … Continue reading

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New Irrigation Technology for Today’s Farm

Back in the day, an animal-drawn plow was a pretty big deal. Then came horse-drawn combines, tractors, and all sorts of mechanized farm equipment. Now, farmers have access to a huge array of technologies that give exact data on weather, … Continue reading

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New Crops for a New Climate

Climate change is definitely a hot-button issue at the moment.  But whether we believe it  or not, there are definitely some funky things going on with the weather across the world. That might not concern us too much right now, … Continue reading

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Advice from an Old Farmer

This wonderful post was circulating on Facebook today, and I thought you all would like it. Advice from an old Farmer….. Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. Keep skunks and bankers at a distance. Life is simpler … Continue reading

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Cider Me

Cider just evokes fall feelings, doesn’t it? Falling leaves, cozy sweaters, crisp mornings, and hot apple juice with spices. And for those of you over the age of 21, hard cider in a variety of flavors and intensities. Cider has … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Corn

There’s nothing quite like fresh summer fruits and veggies. Crisp watermelon, juicy peaches, tangy tomatoes, and of course, fresh sweet corn with kernels that “POP” in your mouth! Sweet corn was developed right here in North America, when a natural … Continue reading

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Heliculture – NOT the growing of helicopters

Heliculture is not exactly on everyone’s mind, nor is the product of this field, escargot snails, on everyone’s plate.  This French delicacy is served at fine restaurants the world over.  The new company, EscarGrow Farms of Eureka, California, is helping … Continue reading

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Replacing Everyone But the Cow!

I’m talking about robots! Robots and computers are replacing humans in industries across the board, from self-ordering kiosks at McDonalds to autopilot in airplanes to agbots helping out in the dairy industry! Yep, we now have agbots! A shortage in … Continue reading

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Farmer Profile: Matt and Kristie Dorsey

This month we are very pleased to introduce you to fifth generation farmers, Matt and Kristie Dorsey, who live in the rich and scenic Sunnyslope area of Southwest Canyon County, Idaho, overlooking the Snake River. The Dorseys, with their three … Continue reading

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Hemp it up

Well, we wrote about psychedelic honey, so we thought we’d write about hemp, just to go along with that theme!  Hah! Hemp is gaining traction in a couple states out here in the West as a cash crop.  Bills that … Continue reading

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