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Is the Tide Turning on GMOs?

Consumers are tiring of the anti-GMO rhetoric.  They want facts.  You don’t have to put those claims under the microscope to see how shaky the anti-GMO platform is   That’s no surprise to those of us who know the benefits … Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s are a big topic, one that is not only controversial, but raises strong emotion in many people.  While we at Kiss My Tractor are not prepared to take sides, we do represent mainstream farmers who use sustainable methods, … Continue reading

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Foodie Buzzwords

     As the locally-produced, “green” food movement gains momentum, more and more producers and companies are slapping labels on their products that tell you their food is “hormone-free” or “naturally-raised.” But do these hot phrases actually mean what we … Continue reading

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Organic or Not?

This is a great video regarding the debate surrounding organic v. conventional agricultural food production. Jayson Lusk is a professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University. His website, with blog posts and other information about food … Continue reading

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Sustainable Farming

     We hear the buzzwords “organic,” and “sustainable,” in farming and food.  What do they mean?  Are they important in our food production?  Is one more important than the other, and do they go together?    The terms organic and sustainable … Continue reading

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