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On this page you will find links to articles we regularly write about hot topics in agriculture. We want to ensure you get legitimate, unbiased information about the things you hear on the news.

Farmland DevelopmentiStock_000004526499XSmall
Why is All the Land Gone?
– The US is losing millions of acres of farmland each year!
Making a Molehill out of a Mountain – The problem of erosion.
Irrigation – How the canal systems were designed and operate
Preserving Farmland – What can you do?
US Grazing Lands – How does it work?
Running out of Land – Increased demand for land
Our Earth as an Apple – a demonstration of how much farmland exists
Farm conservation – our farmers are our greatest conservationists!
Natural resources – farmers protect them

food-productionFood Production
Top 10 Crops in Santa Cruz County, CA
CAFOs Feed The World 
Sustainable? Organic? – Find out what these terms mean to you.
Buy American! – Why is it important to know where our food comes from?
Food Buzzwords – Is there really substance behind all the hype?
Top-Producing Western States – Where does your state rank?
Buying American/Local Sticks – A lasting change in food consciousness
The Other 1% – The farmers!
Who Grew My Food? – How many farmers does it take?
Food for the City – A National Geographic special
Food in America – 40 Maps that describe America’s food habits
Water, Water Everywhere – Ag water usage is decreasing
How Much Water
Enough to Go Around – there is enough food, just not where it is needed
Cool Facts about Wheat
Oil Comes From Seeds?
Beef Facts
New Farm Production Stats
Mothers of the Year – about our two heroic ewes
Hemp it Up – growing hemp as an agricultural product
American lamb – a growing field in the United States
Cider Me – the cider industry is booming!
The Sweetest Corn
Heliculture -no, it has nothing to do with helicopters
Beef – it’s not just for dinner
Pizza – where do all the ingredients come from?
Washington potatoes
Idaho Agriculture

Agriculture Myths in the Media
Our Meat is Already Antibiotic Free!
Setting the Record Straight on Glyphosate – Farmers don’t drench their fields!
Organic Fraud – Is organic food really organic?
Food for Thought? – Should we stop eating meat?
The NYTimes Got It Wrong –  What happens when misinformation about farming is spread?
Top 10 Ag Myths – Think you know the truth about farming? Think again!
Plant v. Animal Proteins – Animals ARE good for you!

GMOs and Biotechnology
New GMO Potato – A different kind of GMO
GMO Arguments – 5 that need to stop
Why Farmers Grow GMO Crops – Because they’re beneficial!
GMOs – The Next Generation – new GMO crops
Tide Turning on GMOs – scientists are starting to speak up in favor of GMOs
What is biotechnology? – an explanation of different terms
New Crops for New Climates – development of new crops in response to climate change
Benefits of Biotech – what do we gain?

Agriculture and Politics3FarmBillPOST-thumb-615x300-81419
Idaho’s Ag Security Bill – Protecting Idaho farming and ranching families
The Farm Bill – Learn what is really included in the Farm Bill.
The Great Gov’t Shutdown of 2013 – How does it affect our farmers?
2014 Farm Bill – what changed this year?
CA Governor Supports Agriculture – in a time of dire need for farmers

Agriculture and the Future
– Developing tomorrow’s leaders.
Labor Shortage – Ag needs more educated workers!
The World Food Prize – Rewarding innovation in agriculture
Growing Ag Graduates – Tons of openings in the ag world for young job seekers
Everything but the cow – robotics in the dairy industry
Farm Kids Make Great Employees

Other Ag Articles
Beekeeping May Not Be My Thing562155_164169887073767_331810727_n

The Other 1% – Farmers make up only 1% of the population
National Ag Day – The official day to celebrate agriculture in the U.S.
Earth Day – For America’s farmers and ranchers, every day is Earth Day.
County and State Fairs – Learn a little about the history of fairs.
Worms – They’re super important!
Pumpkin Patches – Fun fall harvest and pumpkin festivals
Top 10 Ag Advancements – modern day agricultural tech wonders
Wolves – a glimpse of the impact they’re having
A Bug’s Life – using biocontrol to take out weeds
A Sack of Potatoes – using potato manufacturing by-products to create plastic
Notes on Farmers and Ranchers
Farming by the Numbers – from the 2012 Agricultural Census
The Bee’s… – some interesting information about honeybees
Spirit of the Agrarian Creed  – our Founding Fathers’ views on agriculture
Doomesday Seed Vault Opened
How the Turkey Got its Wattle
Things Farmers Just Know
A Herding Dog – About Border Collies
A Field Trip to the Palouse
Natural Magic
Karen Armstrong sponsored by our new GMO potato
Interesting facts about cereals
Replacing everyone but the cow – new ag technologies
American food costs
US Farmer statistics
Corporate farms are family farms
Cool new irrigation technology

Ag Advocacy and Education
Leadership Idaho Agriculture (LIA) – Idaho’s ag leadership program
LIA Moscow – First session!
LIA Pocatello – Second session!
LIA Twin Falls – Third session!
LIA Boise – Fourth session!
#AgChat Regional Conference – Focusing on agvocacy

Just For Fun
These Country Songs REALLY Tick Me Off!
A Joke!
Turkey Facts
12 Days of Christmas – Farm Edition
You Are What You Eat
Movie Myths of Western Movies
How To Train A Farm Spouse
Who Buys the Farmers Crops
‘Twas the Night Before Planting
Woven in Wheat
Pizza My Heart
he House Behind The House
Manure, not ‘Men Who Are’
The Idaho Potato Truck
Advice from an Old Farmer


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