Thought of the Week

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftsman of the highest order, a kind of artist.”

-Wendell Berry

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Thought of the Week

“Common Sense is genius
dressed in it’s working clothes.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Thought of the Week


“Not everybody is lucky enough to be a farmer.”

-Jim Wylie to his Great-Grandson James

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Thought of the Week

This too, shall pass.

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Thought of the Week

“You can do whatever you have a passion for, but you have to be determined, persistent and prepared.”

-Captain Glen Fraser

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Thought of the Week

“It is impossible to be anti-hunger and anti-technology.”

-Julie Borlaug, Global Anti-hunger Advocate

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American Wool in the Military

As the single largest domestic buyer of American wool, it is important that the United States Military understands all that wool has to offer when it comes to outfitting American soldiers, airmen and women and sailors.

Military Wool Tour Uniforms Photo Oct 18, 7 15 51 AM

Don’t our military’s woolen uniforms look SMASHING!

The American Sheep Industry (ASI) Wool Council hosted a joint tour with military decision makers through Chargeurs Wool, Burlington Worldwide and Nester Hosiery (Farm to Feet) this past October.


Woolen socks for our troops

ASI wanted to remind the U.S. Military why they use wool, “This isn’t your grandma’s wool sweater.  Wool is naturally fire resistant, which protects our soldiers when they are exposed to fire hazards.  Wool is comfortable in that it breathes.  There are so many properties that make it an ideal fabric for our soldiers to wear,” said Ken Wixom, Wool Council Chair (Ken is from Idaho).


American woolen yarn, ready to spin into clothes for our military

The ASI knew that they would have a wonderful opportunity to explain that the USA has  a good supply of wool which is adequate to meet the military’s specifications.  October’s tour was the perfect way to show this to our military first-hand.


-Sheep Industry News, December, 2017


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Thought of the Week

“The food you eat is a direct connection to the land on which it was grown and the people who grew it.”

John Chandler, Farmer

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#28 Pinto the BlogDog – How to Train Your Sheep Dog

Howdy folks!  How’s it out there in humanland?  I know, I know, it’s been months since I wrote a post.  M’Lady’s been after me daily to “get on it, Pinto!” but I h’aint had no inspiration!  Till now that is.

Wait’ll ya hear.


YoursTruly.  Really, this photo should be my cover shot.

She has all these ewes, see.  Sheep, well, they have minds of their own.  They will NOT go where ya ask ’em to; they’re prey animals, and on the range, they’re always bein’ attacked by wolves see, they are ‘feared of everythin’ that looks predatory!  M’Lady can’t just call ’em, “Here girlies, girlies, girlies,” and they’ll come.  She can’t lead ’em on a line (well, she could train one of ’em to the halter and lead, and the rest would follow, but does she take the time to do that?  Nooooooo!)

So they must be moved.  And the thing they’re most respectful of is a sheep dog, ’cause they naturally think that we’re a wolf.  So they run away from YoursTruly if I give them the what fer.


That’d be Rex, who actually can move the flock purty well.  He knows his stuff.

Now, M’Lady, she figgers, since she has a BorderCollieSheepDog, (YoursTruly) that I oughta be able to help her.  Now lemme just say, I’m a smart dog, and know what needs to be done.  She’s just untrained.  Some folks, they say that sheepdogs naturally know what to do, and they only need to learn the “cues” from their human in order to move sheep where they need to go.  This is true.  But, o’course, the human needs to know those cues.  Well, lemme tellya, M’Lady does not know those cues attall!

So, she bought this video, “How to Train Your Border Collie Sheepdog.”  It says that the dog needs to be trained before it’s 18 months of age.  Well, YoursTruly is on the downhill side o’ 10 years!  Ya think she’s gonna run out ‘n’ buy a new dog?  Nay! Nay!  I’m her dog, and I’m what she has to work with.  M’Lady knows I’m so smart, I can learn anything that a puppy can learn, so no problemo!

Good luck with that, M’Lady!

The video is about 30 hours long, and M’Lady only watched the first 45 minutes of it, thinkin’ she could train me.


So she puts me in this round corral with some of our ewes.  Tells me “Away,” pointing with her left hand, and “Come By,” pointing with her right hand.  I’m a’lookin’ at her sayin’, “Speak English, Woman!  Left or Right, say what you mean ‘n’ mean what you say!”  Good grief!  Needless to say, what with all her nonsensical-talkie-talkie, we got nowhere in a hurry, and the ewes got all riled up, bustin’ down fences, racin’ away fast.


As you can see, no sheep around.  M’Lady wouldna let me near ’em.

If’n she’d just lemme attem, I could move ’em quick ‘n’ simple like.  Yes, M’Lady, lemme helpya!  I’ll just run ’em ’round, hither ‘n’ yon for ya!  She reminds me that the last time we did that, I “helped” her move the sheep from the corrals out to the east pasture, and just as we got ’em through the gate, I rushed ’em a little fast, scattered ’em and they ran back to the corrals.  I got ’em so they were completely scattered all over the farm!  She didna say much, but the veins on her face were so big and pulsing, and she was so mad, I thought she was gonna have a coronary right then ‘n’ there!  Boy Howdy, did I stay outa her way fer an hour or two!

So now, when the sheep need to come in or go out, M’Lady just says, “Pinto, Dear, will you be an angel and please bring the ewes to me?” or “Pinto, Dear, would you please take the ewes out to the front pasture?”  I say, “Sure, M’Lady, it’s about time!  You just stay outamyway, OK?”  And she replies, “Yes, Pinto, Dear, whatever you say.  Just please bring me my ewes.”

Happy to, M’Lady!

Well, gotta go move some ewes, Keep your tail waggin’!



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Thought of the Week

“We wouldn’t have a beef industry
without rangeland.”

Gretchen Hyde, Idaho Rangeland Commission

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