Thought of the Week


Good judgement comes from experience,
and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.

-Ryan Taylor, Cowboy Logic

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A Note From North Dakota!

We’ve happily received communication from a follower of Kiss My Tractor who happens to be TheBoss’ cousin, Lisa!  She and her husband are farmers in central North Dakota.  In fact, as part of their operation, they farm the original family homestead near Max, N.D.

Lisa sent a couple of beautiful photos of their spring, 2015 wheat harvest, along with this note:

“We have a couple of days of wheat harvest left at Max, and then 500 acres of flax ready at Roseglen.  It rained on Saturday, so everyone got some much needed rest after a couple of hard weeks of harvesting.  After the flax, we will do some spraying and fall work until the soybeans are ready in October.”  

Enjoy the photos.  And, thank you for sending them, Lisa!


Spring Wheat Harvest, Max, North Dakota


Gorgeous Harvest Photo, Max, N.D.


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Thought of the Week

As the rain and snow come down from heaven
and stay upon the ground to water the earth, and cause the grain to grow and to produce seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry, so also is my word.

Isaiah 55:10

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Sugar 4 U


The U.S. is the largest consumer of sugar globally.  We’re also one of the largest sugar importers.  Our country has the most highly developed facilities in the world to process both sugar cane and sugar beets into white crystal sugar.

Refined sugar has no protein or DNA, so there is no difference based on the source of the sugar.  Sugar is sugar.

Sugar! Photo source

Photo source

-Yields, a quarterly publication for Northwest Farm Credit Services, Summer, 2015

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Cowboy Logic Video

This here is a really nice video by Ryan Taylor, and a tribute to ranching families who are able to hang onto their land.  Enjoy.

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Thought of the Week


Shake a farmer’s or rancher’s hand and you know it.
Try to out-do him in the strength of the grip, and you’re liable to regret it.
Even today, when farming is not as physical an occupation as it once was,
most farmers’ handshakes remain very firm.
You can count on their handshake – their word is their bond.

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Thera at Sunset

A beautiful photo of Farmer Mark Richter’s farm. Taken by Cindy Walton Blumenshein


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Thought of the Week


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Enough To Go Around

Global undernourishment shouldn’t exist.  Each day the world’s farmers and ranchers produce the equivalent of 2,868 calories per person on the planet – enough to surpass the World Food Programme’s recommended intake of 2,100 daily calories and enough to support a population inching toward nine billion.  The world as a whole does not have a food deficit, but individual countries do.

Why do 805 million people still have too little to eat?  Access is the main problem.  Incomes and commodity prices establish where food goes.  The quality of roads and airports determines how easily it gets there.  Even measuring undernourishment is a challenge.  In countries with the highest historical proportions of undernourishment, it can be hard to get food in and data out.

Things are slowly getting better.   Since the early 1990s world hunger has dropped by 40% – that means 209 million fewer undernourished people, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  Future progress may prove difficult.  “It is critical to first improve overall food production and availability in places like sub-Saharan Africa,” says FAO economist Josef Schmidhuber.  “Then one can focus on access.”

-Daniel Stone, National Geographic magazine, December, 2014

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Cowboy Logic Video

Ryan Taylor, Cowboy Logic sure does a nice job on his short videos.  If you’d like to see more of his videos, just go to youtube and type in Ryan Taylor Cowboy Logic.

Here you go:

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