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Sugar 4 U

  The U.S. is the largest consumer of sugar globally.  We’re also one of the largest sugar importers.  Our country has the most highly developed facilities in the world to process both sugar cane and sugar beets into white crystal … Continue reading

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Newsflash: GMO Sugar is NO DIFFERENT Than Conventional Sugar!

Here is a quiz for you all:   Nearly all of the sugar beets planted in the USA have been engineered to be resistant to to certain herbicides.  Anti-GMO proponents continue to promote the theory that somehow modified crop-products are … Continue reading

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Recipes from a Farmer’s Table – DESSERTS!

These new recipes are from different ladies – all are our favorite recipes.  Enjoy! CAROL’S EXCELLENT DESSERT from the kitchen of Carol Hutchings this recipe will knock your socks off! Grease a 9″ x 13″ pan Crust:  (best if you … Continue reading

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Recipes from a Farmer’s Table – COOKIES!

This month, since we are highlighting sugar, we are brining you our favorite  recipes using sugar!  Actually, it has been hard just choosing the few we’re posting here.  They’re all delicious and proven.  Enjoy! MOM’S BUTTER COOKIES from Robin’s mom, Margie … Continue reading

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Oh, Sugar, Sugar!

Think sugar only comes from sugar cane? Think again! Sugar also comes from large, strange looking sugar beets!   Yep, beets. Sugar beets flourish in the long Idaho summers, and the state ranks second in the nation for sugar beet … Continue reading

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Sugar Beet Harvest – Sweet Hills Farm

Over the course of this past farm season, we’ve posted photographs and videos of the sugar beets which were being grown on our farm.  Here are a couple of new videos of harvest for y’all.  These sugar beets will be … Continue reading

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