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Thought of the Week

“Every bit of food people eat, somebody is behind that slice of bread or that steak they are eating.   Somebody has put a lot of thought, money, care and time into that food.” -Maya Wahl, FFA Wheat Ambassador / … Continue reading

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Thought of the Week

“When we started using Roundup Ready sugarbeet seed, we reduced our herbicide use by 75%.” -Russ Shroll, Farmer

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The Panama Canal Project!

Have you heard?  Panama is expanding its canal!  This is good news for our farmers, and for all of us in the U.S.A. Portions of the canal are to be new, and other improvements will be the expansion of the … Continue reading

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Buying American Grown and Local Food is Permanent

Research from the USDA Marketing Services finds that interest in locally and American grown food is not a short-lived trend.  Interest has changed local food production and consumer behaviour in many areas of the U.S. The USDA finds an increase … Continue reading

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Harvest in the Palouse!

       It’s harvest time all over the United States.  Harvest is an exciting time in every farming community.  It is the culmination of the farmer’s entire year’s work.  It is when he learns how well his or her … Continue reading

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     So what’s the big deal about buying our food from the USA, or even from the farm stand down the road?  What difference does it make?  Why not buy the cheapest tomato, even though it’s been grown in … Continue reading

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Summer at Sweet Hills Farm

     The weather has really heated up over the past few weeks.  We had several nice, helpful rains the week before last, and now the warm weather has turned on.  Our farmer is irrigating non-stop, and the crops are … Continue reading

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