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New Blog Page!

Have you noticed our new page, Sale Barn? If so, what how do you like it? If not, please do! We thought that you, our readers might enjoy being able to purchase the crops that our farmers have grown.  If … Continue reading

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Thought of the Week

“You don’t get celiac disease by eating gluten; you have to have the gene which causes the disease.  And during the same period that wheat consumption has declined, obesity has skyrocketed.   Obesity is related to Americans eating 600 more … Continue reading

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Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s are a big topic, one that is not only controversial, but raises strong emotion in many people.  While we at Kiss My Tractor are not prepared to take sides, we do represent mainstream farmers who use sustainable methods, … Continue reading

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Now Trending…Buckwheat!

Buckwheat, a staple food across the world, has been increasing in popularity here in the United States due to the surge in demand for gluten-free foods. Buckwheat is a 3-cornered grain closely related to sorrel, knotweed and …rhubarb? It was … Continue reading

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Harvest in the Palouse!

       It’s harvest time all over the United States.  Harvest is an exciting time in every farming community.  It is the culmination of the farmer’s entire year’s work.  It is when he learns how well his or her … Continue reading

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New Book Review – What I’ve Learned From No-Tilling

  What I’ve Learned From No-Till, Cropping Secrets From 58 Highly Successful No-Tillers,               by Ron Ross, 2007                           Published by Lessiter Publications, Inc,  … Continue reading

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Notes From the Palouse

Rolling hills and patchwork farm fields          This past week I visited the farmers who live and farm in the Palouse Region of Eastern Washington state.  This area comprises roughly in the south-east portion of the state, … Continue reading

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Barley There!

      Barley. That’s what you use to make beer and whiskey, right?   Well, yes, but there’s a lot more to barley than that!  It’s the fourth largest grain crop in the world, and, along with wheat, was … Continue reading

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Summer at Sweet Hills Farm

     The weather has really heated up over the past few weeks.  We had several nice, helpful rains the week before last, and now the warm weather has turned on.  Our farmer is irrigating non-stop, and the crops are … Continue reading

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Our farmers, as you will soon see, produce a lot of garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas. These tasty, fat, little round beans are super versatile, and chock-full of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They may seem a little more … Continue reading

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