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All In A Day’s Graze

While the grass growing on grazing land isn’t your typical farmed crop, it provides the nourishment for a wide variety of farm products, like the lambs that the Gutierrez Family raises.  Many animals can be raised wholly or partially on … Continue reading

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Preserving Farmland – What Can You Do?

In my Leadership Idaho Agriculture course, during the Pocatello session, we had to write and deliver a five minute speech on any topic we liked. I gave my speech on preserving Idaho’s farmland, and thought I would share it with … Continue reading

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New Book Review – What I’ve Learned From No-Tilling

  What I’ve Learned From No-Till, Cropping Secrets From 58 Highly Successful No-Tillers,               by Ron Ross, 2007                           Published by Lessiter Publications, Inc,  … Continue reading

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Straight From the Farmer’s Mouth

Farmer Ed Schneider let us know about a good series of videos produced by the Washington Potato Commission that feature potato farmers!  This video stars farmer Nick Johnson of Johnson Agriprises in Othello, WA. Nick is talking to us about … Continue reading

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