The GMO Debate: 5 Things To Stop Arguing

Tamar Haspel, an oyster farmer and a science and food writer from the Cape Cod area, wrote this great little article for The Washington Post. It addresses the increasingly ugly GMO debate, and she describes 5 points used by both sides that should cease to be part of the struggle in order to make discussion of this topic more civil and productive.

Cartoon by Prichett Cartoon

Cartoon by Prichett Cartoon

Her five points? Here is a paraphrase of her article:

1 – GMOs are dangerous to eat: thousands of studies have found no ill effects from eating GMO foods.

2 – Labeling is unnecessary since GMOs are safe: safety isn’t the point of this argument. There are reasonable arguments out there for labeling GMO products, including increased transparency in agriculture.

3 – Only Big Ag benefits from GMOs: Wrong. Everyone benefits from GMO’s: production farmers, agribusiness professionals, and children in Africa.

4 – We’ve been genetically modifying crops for thousands of years: Yes, but cross-breeding and inserting genes are two very different ways of modifying an organism.

5 – GMO supporters are Monsanto shills and opponents are anti-science: Let’s quit with the name calling. The shill part is just ridiculous.

Read the full article on The Washington Post website here.

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