‘Twas The Night Before Planting

This poem can be found on the website America’s Farmers, a website dedicated to sharing the lives of families who spend their days working the land with those who enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Enjoy!

‘Twas the night before planting, when all ’bout the farm,
My dad was getting ready, rubbing his luck charm;
His work boots were set right next to the door,
In the hopes the weather would cooperate once more.

My brother and I were nestled all snug in our beds,
While visions of tractors roll ’round in our heads.
And mamma in her sweatshirt, and dad in his cap,
Had just settled down with their computers on their laps. 

Dad is excited to get in the field,
He has hopes this year for higher yields.
Last winter we had plenty of snow,
Giving the soil plenty of moisture below.

Tomorrow, I will wake up the earliest of all,
Grab my jacket and then I’ll race down the hall,
Straight to the breakfast table I’ll head,
Eat bacon and eggs, then meet dad at the shed.

If I’m lucky, my brother won’t wake,
And the first turn in the planter will be mine to take.
My dad will be there with coffee in hand,
Ready for me to help him plant the land.

This is one of the happiest days of year,
Raindrops just might bring me to tears.
I’m not old enough to set up the planter,
So I’ll just sit back with Uncle Joe and banter.

Dad will finish, almost ready to go,
The excitement will spread down to my toes.
Dad will walk ’round the planter one last time,
My fists will be clenched, as if squeezing a lime.

I’m so nervous, I can hardly wait!
I’ve dreamt all winter, looking forward to this date.
Finally, he’ll stop and wipe his hands on his pants,
He’ll smile at me and say, “Kid, it’s time to go plant.”

YESSSS! I’ll want to scream, but just in my head,
For I want to be just like my dad instead.
He will be happy, but he knows this is work,
And spending this day with him is a perk.

I’ll peek out the shed and look down the drive,
To make sure my brother will not arrive.
And then, I can let out a little sigh,
For today, I’ll be sitting high.

Up in the tractor, smiling because I’m glad,
I’ll be out in the field, planting with my dad.

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