#14 – Pinto the BlogDog – Merrygold

Howdy Folks!  Pinto the BlogDog here.  It’s hasn’t been attall that long since I wrote last, but I thought y’all’d like to know that Merrygold, M’Lady’s OwnGoodHorse retired on Saturday.

See it happened like this.  M’Lady and FarmGirl went on a morning ride to Eagle Island State Park.  The trails there follow the Boise River, meander through cow pastures, and what with the autumn colors, it was glorious.  M’Lady, of course, was riding Merrygold and FarmGirl was on Roxie.  Usually,  Merrygold is the first one on the trail, dancy and quick, always eager, excited to be out on a ride.   She has always loved to get out, and enjoys our adventures as much as YoursTruly.

But today was different, and M’Lady could tell that somethin’ was off right away.


M’Lady and Merrygold on a Spring Ride

See, Merrygold is gettin’ old – she’s 27-1/2 in human years, and that is 96 years old in horse years!  She’s an old dame!  M’Lady knows this, but Merrygold still feels good and looks great!  Over the years, she’s slowed down a little bit, but then, so has M’Lady, so it was OK!  They’d go out for only an hour or two instead of all day, and would walk at an easier pace.

Today though, Merrygold was really draggin’ right from the get-go.  M’Lady couldn’t get her to move out quickly.  It was OK for awhile, ’cause it was so pretty out, the sun was gently shinin’, and M’Lady and FarmGirl were chattin’ away.  But after about an hour, Merrygold said, “M’Lady, I can’t carry you anymore.”  She was really draggin’, so M’Lady got off, and led her the last mile or so of the ride.  To my keen recollection, this has never happened before!

By the time we all got back to the horse trailer, Merrygold was pooped.  M’Lady was sad, ’cause she knew this was the day that Merrygold would have to be retired.  She loves Merrygold; they two have travelled hundreds and hundreds of happy hours and many thousands of beautiful miles together over the past 17 years.  Merrygold has been M’Ladys’ OwnGoodHorse, her BestGirl, her TrustedCompanion all these years.

M'Lady and Merrygold on their last ride.

M’Lady and Merrygold on their last ride.

When we got home to the barn, I could tell M’Lady was pretty sad, so I stayed right near her, in case she needed someone to hug.  She did, she hugged me tight, and buried her face in my ruff.  Lucky for her I was so perceptive!

So now, Merrygold knows she never has to work again.  She’ll live out her days at Sweet Hills Farm, and graze and roll around in the green, lush pasture.  This winter, she’ll have her cozy stall in the barn, her nice warm, thick blanket, lots of  grain and hay at every meal, and her friend, Roxie, to enjoy.

Merrygold may give TheWeeLaddie a quiet ride along the ditch road now and then, but her working days are over, and now she can relax and take it easy all the rest of her life.


YoursTruly on our ride

And, from now on I’ll be M’Lady’s TrustedCompanion on the trail.  Oh, wait, she can’t ride me.


Keep your tail waggin’!

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