#15 Pinto the BlogDog – SNOW

HOWDY FOLKS!  Pinto the BlogDog here!  Man, time flies when you’re havin’ fun!  Come to think of it, I haven’t been havin’ too much fun, it’s been dullsville around here.

Ya see, M’Lady had foot surgery, and she’s laid up.  I’m sayin’ she’s not movin’ attall, laid out on the couch, with her foot on ice, set up on pillows high in the air.  All she does is 1)sleep, 2)read, 3)watch TV, 4)knit and 5)work on her laptop.

M'Lady's stuff, next to the couch.

M’Lady’s stuff, stationed next to the couch.   See the bell?  Hahaha!  If you look closely, you can see that she’s working on this post right now!

Knit?  Are you kiddin’ me?  She says she loves it, it gives her a sense of productivity while she’s laid out, and it’s “very creative, Pinto.”  She says that if I don’t laugh at her too much, maybe someday she’ll make me a doggie coat.  Now that’s more like it!

So what does this mean for YoursTruly?  B-o-r-e-d-t-o-t-e-a-r-s, that’s what it means! Normally, M’Lady, she’s always doin’ somethin’ that Brodi and I get to do along with her, workin’ outside, cleanin’ the barn, caring for the livestock, playin’ with TheWeeLaddie, ‘goin’ on patrols along the ditchbank.  But now!  She doesn’t move off the couch, and constantly is orderin’ TheBoss around, “do this, do that, get me this, pick up that.”  She actually has bell that she rings when she wants somethin’!  Says she doesn’t like to yell to get his attention (don’t believe it for a second!).  Oh, and I guess I should say she doesn’t actually order him around, but asks him sweetly, “DearOne, would please be an angel and get me ….?”  or “Darlingest, when you have a chance, could you…?”  He doesn’t naturally have a clue as to what she needs or what needs to be done to keep the house humming along, so it’s a little messy, if you know what I mean.

But, a bell?  Really?   She must think she’s Lady Grantham or something!

M’Lady, she says to me, “Don’t you be feelin’ sorry for TheBoss, Pinto.  Let’s not forget the hours, days, weeks and months that I spent nursin’ him when he was laid up, and the hours I spent sittin’ in the hospital, comfortin’ him, dealin’ with all those nurses and doctors.  No, no, Pinto, don’t feel too sorry for him.”

Yeah, I guess I can see her point, and anyhow, she’s never had a single day’s rest since she adopted me, which was 5 years ago, so, I guess it’s her due.

YoursTruly, bored, nothin' to do.

YoursTruly, bored, nothin’ to do.

So, anywayall this means is that I’m lazin’ around gettin’ fat.

There’s one excitin’ thing that happened, today, though.  Last night, it snowed!!!  I mean, really snowed, there’s about 6 inches on the ground, it’s so cold and so pretty!  I love to race around, and and roll in it, and make snow angels (well, I guess they’re more like snow smashed-angels).  I love to shove my nose in the snow, and fling it up into the air, and try to catch the snow in my mouth that flies up.  I love to scrub my fur and scratch my back in the snow, it feels great!  I love to sniff through the snow for little mice.  I love to chase the cats and scare em, and watch ’em try and run through the snow.

Before the snow came, the cows were able to still eat grass in the pasture.  But last night, when it snowed, their food got all covered up!  So, they stand out there, sorta forlorn, lookin’ hungry.  So, now we hafta feed ’em hay.  Wonder who’s gonna feed ’em, what with M’Lady bein’ laid up?  Huh.

Cows, their pasture is all covered up with snow!

Cows, their pasture is all covered up with snow!

Oh, and here’s another funny thing.  FarmGirl got another dog!  It’s this teensy miniature daschund named DougtheDog (good grief).  Doug is so small that Brodi and I barely consider him a dog, he’s more like a rodent.  Brodi says that Doug is just the right size for a snack, that’s how small he is.  You should see Doug in the snow!  The snow is taller than he is!  Hahahahaha!  Watching Doug try to walk in the snow is absolutely hilarious!  He has to try to jump straight up on his 3″ long legs, and then try to make that jump go not only up but forward!  It’s practically impossible for him to go more than a coupla inches!  



But the thing with Doug is that he makes AbbythePsychoDog calmer.  That in itself is worth havin’ him around.


DougtheDog hopin’ someone will pick him up

Well, gotta go catch up on some Z’s.

Keep your tail waggin!

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