#13 Pinto the BlogDog

HOWDY FOLKS!  Pinto the BlogDog here!  Golly, it seems awhile since I wrote to ya’ll last.  Well, that’s ’cause I’ve been workin! Actually, come to think of it, I haven’t been doin’ much of anythin’ atall.  Huh.

The view from up the butte. Yup, it’s real pretty.

So, last week we went up to Bald Butte Ranch.  You know how much Brodi ‘n’ I love it up there, ’cause M’Lady takes us exploring.  Well, this time, she and TheBoss were buildin’ a new pump house, so we didn’t go on one, not even one traipse up the mountain!!!  B-o-r-i-n-g!

The pretty heifers

The pretty heifers

But, there were still a few things that were interesting.  One day, we did go for a short hike up the butte to see the heifers (young female cows, who’ve never had a baby), and I scairt up this crazy coyote.  She must’v had pups, ’cause she had the oddest behavior M’Lady or I had ever seen.  She ran ahead of us for about 1/2 mile up the mountain, yip, yip, yipping the whole way.  M’Lady thinks she was leading us away from her den.  She’d race ahead, then stand up there yippin’ and carryin’ on somethin’ psycho!  It got so I wasn’t even wantin’ to chase her anymore!

Finally, when we were a long, long way away from where I first scairt her up, she quit us, and trotted away, back down the hill.  It was creepy and w-i-e-r-d!!!

This crazy coyote was really this close!

Somethin’ else amazingly awesome is that Jenny, the DogLover, has a fawn!!!  Yup, that’s what I said!  On June 16th, Jenny was hiking up the butte with her dogs and some friends.  One of the dogs went crazy barkin’ at a bush, so Jenny walked over and poked her head in.  There was an hours-old fawn  When they were hiking, they must’ve scairt the mamma away.  Well, the fawn had a cut on it’s hind leg and was bleeding!  Just then Jenny heard a coyote, and turned and saw one sittin’ right up the hillside, waiting for her to leave.

JennytheDogLover and Olive the Other Reindeer

JennytheDogLover and Olive the Other Reindeer

That coyote had smelt the newly-born baby fawn, maybe he had bitten it, and as soon as Jenny left, would’ve come an kilt the baby fawn.  Jenny thought about it, and realized she had to save that baby fawn.  So she carried it home, warmed it and dried it, and fed it goat’s milk.   She didn’t want this to happen, didn’t mean for it to happen, but since it did, she felt that she was doing the right thing.

Anyway, if there’s anyone in the whole universe to save a fawn, it’s Jenny.  She’s a pre-veterinary student at Washington State University, and really knows about animals.

She named the little fawn, “Olive, the Other Reindeer”  Hahaha!  Get it?

Olive kissing the camera

Olive kissing the camera

So, at first, Jenny kept her in mostly, and put a diaper on her!     She was real careful with the little fawn, wouldn’t let her wander too much, ’cause of the bad coyotes, who’d love to eat Olive.  But, by now, at three months old, Olive is just fine!  She’s strong, healthy, and learning to get along on her own in the great outdoors.  She’s off the goat’s milk, is eating grass and browsing the homestead area all on her own.  Jenny doesn’t pen her in attall anymore.  Olive can come and go as she pleases.  But Jenny hopes she’ll stick around till next spring, ’cause Olive doesn’t have a mamma to protect her through the winter.  So, Jenny will give her a shelter of some sort, like branches under a big bush.  And she’ll lay out hay all winter long, just so Olive can always have food, and also, to keep her near the house, so’s she doesn’t wander too far in the cold and get lost.

Then, in the spring, hopefully, Olive will be on her own, and maybe meet other young deer in the area.  And then, maybe she’ll meet a buck, and have babies.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  Me, I think it’s kinda cool, that Jenny saved that little deer.

Brodi 'n' YoursTruly tryin' to behave ourselves

Brodi ‘n’ YoursTruly tryin’ to behave ourselves

Well, gotta run!

Keep your tail waggin!

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