#17-Pinto the BlogDog – Brodi’s New Ball

HOWDY FOLKS!  Pinto the BlogDog here!  How’re ya all doin’ out there in GodBlessAmerica?

As you know, my pal, Brodi loves tennis balls.  This drives me insane.  It’s so pointless, mindlessly worryin’ that ball all the livelongday.  But, he depends on his ball, it’s like a security blanket for him.  Seriously, though we’ve had a problem for the past coupla months.  All of Brodi’s balls disappeared.

It seemed like ’bout Thanksgiving, and the ball supply was full-to-overflowing, so many tennis balls M’Lady couldn’t keep ’em contained in the storage crock.  Then, the snow came, and all the balls disappeared, so TheFam thought they were all buried under the snow.


Brodi’s scrungy tennis ball

Finally, after months, the snow melted, and Brodi thought there’d be a ton of balls out in the yard.  But, when we sniffed ’round the place, no balls!  Not under the bushes, nor the trailers, nary a trace of a fuzzy orb.  It was purty bad.  Brodi was pitiful over it, so sorrowful was he.  He sunk to the point of carryin’ anythin’ that remotely resembled a ball… knucklebones, rotten sugar beets, wood hunks, anythin’ attall.

After days of searchin’, Brodi found a torn up, filthy, scrungy tennis ball.  It didn’t bounce, and TheFam wouldn’t touch it, so gross it was.  We all felt mighty sorry for him.  M’Lady thought he actually might be depressed, he was so mournin’ ’round all the livelong day.

So, in all my life, never have I heard that TheFam have ever, ever bought a tennis ball for a dog.  But, M’Lady actually drove to the sports store and chose a can of 5 tennis balls for $2.99.  She spent money on balls for Brodi!!!


Happy Brodi and his brand new tennis balls!

But now, Brodi’s happy again, and not havin’ spasms without his ball.  He carries his new balls around constantly.  He carries them inside, he carries them outside, he carries them to the barn and on our daily patrols ’round the farm.  He even sleeps with his new tennis balls.

Me, I look at him with derision.  But, at lease he’s not miserable anymore, which means I’m a happy guy.

Well, gotta go hide Brodi’s ball!

Keep your tail waggin!

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