#21-Pinto the BlogDog – Dolly’s Flock

Howdy Folks!  Pinto the BlogDog here.  Been purty quiet ’round my place, till just now.  So, I thought I’d best write to all y’all.

You’ll remember back at Christmastime when I told’ya ’bout how M’Lady slipped a cog and brought home Dolly the Ewe to live on my farm.  Then ’bout how M’Lady got another ewe named Big Betty.  Well!

Over winter, she went ‘n’ bought 6 more ewes, and they’re all pregnant!!!  We’re gonna have little lambs comin’ out our ears!  Oh, am I excited, I love little lambs, how they smell, and they’re so cute and itty bitty!

But all these ewes, includin’ Dolly, needed to be shorn.  The mamma ewes needed to have all their wooly wool clipped off before their little babies are born.  So, M’Lady hired a sheep shearing guy named Ward.


Dolly (in the back) with the other ewes, waiting patiently to be shorn.

We brought all the ewes into a pen in the barn, see.  Then Ward muscled each ewe in her turn, and brought her out to the breezeway, plopped her on her bottom, and with the hugest clippers with the giganticist blades, just buzzed all that ole’ wool off!  It looked so slick ‘n’ easy, he just handled ’em so smooth.  They just laid there all quiet like!

Now, hahahaha!  The ewes all look naked, and I’ll bet they’re embarrassed to be runnin’ around with no hairy hair!  And Dolly, well, she looks like a brand new ewe, what with all that ole’ horrid chopped up wool gone, and bright, clean white wool underneath!  I can hardly recognize her!


That’s Dolly with her fresh, clean coat. She’s gained weight; looks great doesn’t she?  Looks like Ole’ Ward forgot to shave her legs.  Or maybe that supposed to be a new fashion statement?


In just a little while, the ewes’ll have their little lambys.  The reason M’Lady sheared ’em now is so that when the little lambs are born, their mammas’ll seek shelter ’cause they’ll be cold.  Elsewise, they’d be happy to stay out in the cold, ’cause they’d’ve had their wooly coats on, see, and then their little babies’d freeze.  So, this way, the mammas’ll be cold, too, and they’ll bring their little ones into the barn when it gets cold.  Purty smart, huh?


Ewe from the rear, WOW, is she gettin’ ready, or what!  HOLY MILKBAGS BATMAN!


So, now I guess I’m a real sheep dog.  Don’t know nuthin’ though.  M’Lady says she wishes I’d learn to take directions, so I could help her move the ewes to and from the pastures.  She thinks I’m too old to learn.  I say, give me a try, I wanna learn, Oh, how I wanna help M’Lady herd!


Well, gotta go stare wolf eyes at Dolly and her flock!


Dolly and her flock waiting for YoursTruly to bring them in from the pasture.

Keep your tail waggin’!

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