#18 – Pinto the BlogDog

HOWDY FOLKS!  PINTO THE BLOGDOG HERE!  How’re ya doin’ on this sunshiney Thursday?  Man is it purty here on my farm today, but it’s cold out.  Brrr.  I can hear the birds singin’,  though, the grass is startin’ to turn green, and there’s a fresh smell in the earth.  So, I know spring is comin’!  Oh JOY!

So, here’s somethin’ excitin’ that’s happened this week.  M’Lady bought two beef animals.  Yup!  Sure, she keeps mother cows, and they have babies, but we don’t eat the meat from them – they are “far too fancy, Pinto,”  she says.  Huh?  How on earth can a cow be too fancy to eat, I ask you???  What she means is that they’re show animals.  She sells ’em to 4-H and FFA kids to raise and show at the county fair.

All our mamma cows are pregnant, and we’ll be havin’ little baby calves right and left in a coupla weeks.  I can’t WAIT for the little babies to come.  I LOVE ‘EM.  Of course, I protect those little ones, I’d never tease or chase ’em.  Firstly, their mammas would stomp on me if I tried, but mostly, I just love the darling babies, they smell so new.  Anyway, the pasture has been empty for awhile, ‘cept for the horses, what with winter and cold.  All the animals have been holed up in the barn for winter.  B-o-r-i-n-g for YoursTruly!


The cattle and their water trough, just outside my fence.

SO!  When M’Lady showed up with these two new head of cattle, boy howdy was I happy!  Ya see, I love to stare at ’em through the pasture fence!  Their water trough is exactly on the opposite side of the fence from myownbackyard.  I lay in wait for ’em, and anytime they need water, which is all the time, I rush the fence and snarl at ’em.  The first few times I do this, they leap back, all startled like.  Then, they figger it out, and they stare back at me and say, “Really, Dummy?”  It’s a blast and can keep me entertained for months at a time! These two are about 600 pounds and have just been weaned from their mammas.  The boy (neutered male, called a steer) is a Red Angus, and he’s named “Mr. Bates,” and the girl (young female, called a heifer) is a Black Angus, and she’s named “Anna.”  You know, from Downton Abbey.


Anna (black) and Mr. Bates (red)

They’ll live in our pasture till after Thanksgiving.  Then, we’ll have ’em butchered and EAT ‘EM!  M’lady says they’ll be “grass fed and pasture raised with no hormones or grain, so that the meat will be tender and lean, with low fat and cholesterol.”  Who cares?  I just wanna harass ’em while they’re across my fence, and eat ’em for Christmas!

They’re purty skittish, and I’m not ever allowed to chase or herd ’em or nip at their heels, or torment ’em in any way.  But, M’Lady figgers that I can’t really do ’em no harm by snappin’ at the fence. It’s gonna be a fun time ahead for YourTruly!

Well, gotta go keep an eye on Anna and Mr Bates.

Keep your tail waggin’!

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