#22 Pinto the BlogDog – Lambs! Lambs! Lamby Lamby Lambs!

Howdy Folks! Pinto the BlogDog here!  Boy howdy has it been busy around my farm lately.  It’s lambing season!    I had waited all year for the little babies to come, and now, after the past few weeks, I’m exhausted!  But happy, oh yes, I am happy, happy, happy!


That’s YoursTruly, peeking under the gate, watching for the little ones.

So, ya knew M’Lady had bought all these pregnant California Red (that’s their breed) ewes.  She named ’em Merlot, Cabernet, Zinfandel and Shiraz!  I was thinkin’, “Wow, M’Lady, you’re really thinkin’ outa the box,” and was all impressed with her comin’ up with those names, but she said, “No, no Pinto, I didn’t think of it myself.  My quilting buddy, Jane (who loves wine) is the one who thought of California Red wines.  Well, I say, nice work, Jane.  Purty smart if’n ya ask Yourstruly.

Anyway,  it was forever, waitin’ and waitin’ for a baby – any baby – to be born.  Then, suddenly!  There they were!  ‘Course, M’Lady knew, she’d been watchin’ over the ewes, and she brought in Merlot for the night, thinkin’ maybe tonight was her night, and sure ‘nuf, when M’Lady ‘n I went out to check at 1:30 am there was a set of TWINS!


FarmGirl drying off a newborn lamb.

Oh, my, my, my!  The darlings, the little angels, the little lambs!  They weighed 10 and 6 lbs., so small, but so sturdy!  They were struggling to stand up and nurse.  We watched, quiet-like, so as not to trouble the mamma.  Oh, they nursed!  It was beauty to see.

Me, I just couldna help mesef.  I snuck into the stall, even though M’Lady had very clearly told me NO!  Well, was I sorry for that!  Merlot, she saw me justa standin’ there quiet-like,  she stamped her hoof hard!  Tellin’ me get away from my babies!  Somehow, I didna get the message, and afore I knew it, she had her head down and was headed toward me, gonna butt me to high heaven!  Once’n I figgered out what was comin’, I turned tail, and s-q-u-e-e-z-e-d under the gate, just in time!  I felt her head hit my tail just as I got outa there!


That’s Zinfandel nuzzling her new baby. He’s just a coupla minutes old and hasn’t stood up yet.

So, this has been goin’ on for 2 weeks.  M’Lady and me, we been birthin’ babies every-other-day.  M’Lady told me this mornin’ that she’s wearin’ Eau d’ Amnio perfume these days.  The process of birthin’ babies is messy and smelly!  But, oh, what you get – those little lambs – and the love from their mammas – is worth every lost minute of sleep, and all the scrubbing the soapy shower can’t get.

Here’s the best part.  Even though I talk about lovin’ the little lambs, the part I can’t resist is the afterbirth!  Talk about a delicacy!  M’Lady rakes up after the mamma has birthed her little ones, and lucky for me, guess what goes into the wheelbarrow along with the dirty straw?  Violia!  Afterbirth!!!  M’Lady doesn’t like me eating it.  She has tried, over the years, to bury it, haul it off, put it in the garbage can.  But, I FIND IT.  I’ll go to the ends of the earth for afterbirth.  (kinda like she is with chocolate!)  

She says, “OK, fine, Pinto, but if you get sick and throw up, don’t come runnin’ to me!”  I say, “M’Lady, this is the same as catching a sturgeon, opening it up and throwing away the eggs!  Caviar!!!  Plus, afterbirth is nutritious!”  “Oh, OK, Pinto, I give up, eat all the afterbirth you like.  Just don’t try to kiss me!”  So, I drag it all the way from the barn to the backyard, where I can savor it, nibble on it, make it last.  Fortunately, Brodi doesn’t like afterbirth, so I get it all!

Hurray! Hurray!  Hurray!


Twins, curled up in their mamma’s feed bin. They’re so cute

So, by now, we have 8 babies; 4 boys and 4 girls, and they are all the darlingist little things you’ve ever seen.  They race around in a pack, jumping, pronging, tumbling around.  And, they’re growing fast!  And, they’re inquisitive and smart!  I just love ’em, and watch ’em all the time, so I’ll keep ya posted on ’em.


Here’re a bunch of the little lambs, soakin’ in the springtime sunshine!

Well, gotta run, ‘n’ stare down Merlot.

Keep your tail waggin’!

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