4 – Pinto the BlogDog – THE CATS

     HOWDY folks, Pinto the BlogDog here.  I’ve been out of touch the past week, had a little vacation from the stresses of life.  M’Lady went to a Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington.  Can you imagine such a thing?  Going all that way, all that time, to learn about sewing???  When there are so many interesting things to see and do, right here in our own backyard?  But, since she was gone, I took a break, slept in, didn’t work out, ate too much, peed on all the trees.  You know, manly stuff.
     So, now it’s time to tell you about the cats around here.  If you ask me, there are too many of them.  But TheBoss says that “they’re worth their weight in gold,” because we have no mice on this farm.  No gophers, either.  Chester and Charlie hunt every single day, and they bring in mice every time they go out to the field.  And, even though they’re working cats, they’re still fun to torment, chase and cuddle with.  So, here you go, I’ll tell you their names and their strong points (not many).  Oh, and M’Lady wants me to mention that they’re all fixed, eat healthy cat food, have good shelter and are loved and well cared for.  šŸ™‚

Jerome, up in the haystack

     Jerome, black, about 10 years old.  This is a huge, handsome male.  He was a street kitten, a waif, skinny as a wisp of grass.  Someone found him at a mechanic’s shop on a busy street in town, and called M’Lady, knowing she is a sucker.  Yep, sure enough, she took him in.  He’s packed on the pounds over the years, and is a marginal hunter.  He’s really quiet, kinda shy, mellow, a friendly fellow.

Chester and I love each other

 Chester, marmalade male, 4 years old.  Now this is a cat!  First off, he’s gorgeous, gorgeous!  ClayMan picked him up at the pound when he was a kitten and named him Chester, because he has a big “C” on his side.  And, sure enough, ClayMan brought him home from college one summer and couldn’t take him to his new apartment when he went back in the fall.  That’s how TheFam gets half their pets.  Anyway, this is the huntingist-lovinist cat around.  He’s funny, and he loves to do battle with Lucky, telling her to buzz off!  He hisses and roars just like a lion with Charlie when they play.  And boy, do they roughouse, tearing around the place, tumbling all over each other, it’s crazy!  Oh, and he hunts all the time, every day. He’s an outstanding hunter, I think that’s because he works out every day.  He’s absolutely my favorite. Man, what a cat!

Charlie, posing very nicely!  Isn’t he handsome!

     Charlie, male, gray and white, 3 years old.  Now this guy is a lover.  All he wants to do is be petted and scratched and held.  He can lollygag around for around 20 hours a day, sleeping, stretching and sleeping some more.  And get this, he has weaseled his way into TheBoss’s heart, and will sleep on his lap for hours.  And TheBoss declares that he doesn’t even like cats!  (Uh huh, s-u-r-e!)  But, even though Charlie wastes time all the live-long-day, those 4 hours that he’s in action, he’s really workin’!  He, too, catches at least one mouse every single day.  He and Chester both like to bring them right to the front walkway, and leave them half eaten for TheFam or their guests to find.  One time, they left 5 mice scattered up and down the walkway.  M’Lady was delighted with them, but their guests were a little grossed out!  Hahahaha!

Did something spook you, Turtle? Like me? Bwahahaha!

Lucky, doin’ what she does best – nothing at all

     Turtle, female, tortiseshell, about 1 year old.  She was a drop-off last summer,  can you believe it?  Some bad folks just drove down our farm road, stopped their car, and threw the cat out!  The shame of it!  They should be thrown in the slammer!  But, I guess you could say that they knew TheFam would give her a good home, I mean, if they were going to pick a farm that would take in another cat this was the one to choose! I guess they could tell it would be a nice place for a cat to live, what with the barn and fields and all. Anyway, Turtle isn’t much of a mouser, but maybe when she gets a little older she’ll shape up. She makes up for it though with her personality. She is really sweet, although she talks constantly and very loudly.
 Lucky, black and white female, 7 years old.   She doesn’t hunt, eats all the time, and was so fat that all she did was lay in the haystack, within reach of the food bowl.  Finally, M’Lady brought her into the house and put her on a strict diet.  Now, Lucky is looking less balloon-like, if a bit saggy, and actually scampers some!  Oh, and she doesn’t work at all, not at all!  I’ve never seen her catch a mouse, not even a fly!  I tell ya, she is indeed a lucky cat to still be here, because the motto around here is “no work, no food!”

OK, so that’s it with the cats.  Too many of them if you ask me.  But then, I guess you didn’t.  Next week, I’ll write about the horses.  Now, they’re a story all their own, seriously!

     Keep your tail waggin’!

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