#19 – Pinto the BlogDog- Brodi Gets Educated by a Skunk!

HOWDY FOLKS!  Boy, it’s been awhile since I wrote y’all.  Can’t say why, neither, just lazy I reckon.  Well, have I got summat to share with y’all today!

On Saturday, we were headin’ home from our regular morning patrol ’round the farm with M’Lady.  I was being the good dog that I am, trotting right with her, and Brodi was still waaaayyyy back along the ditchbank.  Suddenly, I heard him “yelp!”  The kind of yelp that hollers “Hey, Pinto, come here quick, looky at what I cornered!”


Can you see my puffy nose? Owie!

So, naturally, I spun on a dime and raced bullet-fast back to him.  What did I see but a SKUNK!  We snarled and snapped at it, scarin’ it a bit like we like to do.  I dashed in a little too close, and got BIT on my nose!  Owie, did that hurt!  I was painin’ somethin’ fierce, so I backed off quick, and hightailed it back to M’Lady!

But Brodi, oh brother, he didn’t give it up.  Afore you knew it, that skunk had turned tail on Brodi and sprayed him right in the face and chest!  Brodi came staggering back to us, pell mell, like he’d seen the devil.  Every few feet he dived in the dirt, rubbing his face and head, tryin’ to rid that turrible smell.


Check out that can of tomato sauce. She used the whole thing on us!

Before she knew that Brodi was near us, M’Lady had taken a whiff, and peewy!  She could smell him comin’!  When we got back to the house, she put her hands on her hips and said, “Brodi my boy, it’s lucky for you that I have a giant can of tomato sauce.”  With that, she tied him up, and hosed him down, dumped half the can on him, scrubbed him up and hosed him again.  Then she put lavender shampoo all over him!  Hahahaha!


Tomato sauce Brodi! Hahaha

After his bath, he still smelled somthin’ awful, but at least it didn’t bring tears to the eye.  I was laughin’ and teasin’ at him, when M’Lady dragged me out to the tree, snapped the leash, and did the same  thing to me!  Mean!  I said, “But, M’Lady I didn’t get sprayed!  I came straight back to you!  No fair!”  “Too bad,” said she, “This is just in case, Pinto.”  It wasn’t the tomato sauce that was so bad, but lavender shampoo was just shameful for a macho dog like me.


Poor pitiful me. 😦

And then, she didn’t even give my poor bit nose a glance.  She checked my rabies tag, (its current), and gave me a baby aspirin to “take the edge off the pain.”  Huh.  I’da thought she’d have given me a kiss, at least.

Well, me’n Brodi both felt putry good, all clean ‘n’ all.  I didn’t stink none, not like my pal.  M’Lady wouldn’t let ole’ Brodi inside, said he smelled to high heaven.  Later in the evening, she went out in the backyard, and sniffed the air.  Yup, sure ‘nough there was that skunky smell.  She said to TheBoss, “You know, I think that the smell is in the atmosphere, that skunk must be nearby.”  TheBoss stared at her like she was daft, and said, “M’Lady, THAT SMELL is not in the atmosphere, it’s Brodi!”

Yup, sure ‘nough, he still smells, all these days later!  He’s banished to the backyard, while I, the perfect, get to come inside anytime I want.  Well, I hope he learned his lesson, and won’t git after ‘nother skunk.  But, I’m bettin’ that won’t happen.

Well, gotta run.  M’Lady is callin’ me!

Keep your tail waggin’!

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