#25 Pinto the BlogDog – The Ram!

Howdy folks, Pinto the BlogDog here.  How’re all y’all?  Had a nice turkey dinner, didya?  I’m still getting’ the scraps – the skin ‘n’ grease ‘n’ gristle – yumm!  Been stuffed fer goin’ on 9 days now.  Plus, it’s COLD, so M’Lady’s barely goin’ outside, only to feed in the morn’ and again in the night, so I’m just alayin’ around.

The big news ’round here is that the RAM IS HERE!  Boy Howdy, are things riled up in our barnyard!!!  Those ewes are flirtin’  ‘n’ makin’ eyes, ‘n’ prancy-dancin’ ’round Himself.  The ram, well, he just stands there, snizzlin’ and makin’ goo-goo eyes.  It’s unbelievable!

This ram, what a specimen!  M’Lady rented him from another sheep farmer for a coupla months.  He’s a fancy-bred Texel ram.  Texels are known for their fine muscling and fast growth; the lambs grow faster, and are ready for market earlier.  Anyhoo, the ram is absolutely magnificent!  M’Lady says he’s really a gentle giant.  WOW!!!

Himself, wearing his breeding harness. You can see the colored wax here on his chest.

Himself, wearing the breeding harness.  You can see the colored stain on his chest.  And you can see the block of wax under his chest.

M’Lady’s friend Jan brought her 6 ewes over to be bred by Himself.  They put this fancy harness on the ram which he wears around his shoulders and barrel (belly).  Attached to his chest is a block of colored wax.  So when the ram mounts or “covers” a ewe, the colored wax shows up right above her tail.  Then, M’Lady can mark down the date the ewe was covered, and knows the date that she will be due to have her little lamb.  It’s really helpful for M’Lady, so she can be all ready for the baby!  Purty slick, huh?


This ewe has been covered.


Orange and green marks above the ewes tails show they were covered in the 1st or 2nd cycle.

The ewes “cycle” every 17 days, so Himself is living here at my farm for about 6 weeks ’till all the ewes are covered.  By now, purt-near all of ’em have green or orange smudges above their tails – colorful!  And the neighbors – well they drive by all day long, slowin’ down, lookin’ and lookin’ at what’s happenin’ in my pasture.  Hardy Har Har Har!

Well, gotta run!  M’Lady needs me to help her move the ewes and Himself from the back pasture to the front.

Keep your tail waggin’!

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