Why Farm Kids Make Great Employees

Inspired by the July 1, 2016 post by  Karly Hanson of https://raisedinabarn.org.  Editions and additions have been made to suit Kiss My Tractor.

Whether your’s is an agricultural business or you’re involved in a different sector of our economy, farm kids make great employees.  They possess a unique skill-set unlike other people.   These are the most important reasons why farm kids make great employees:

1.  Farm kids understand the importance of being on time.  
Farm kids know that time is of the essence and wasting daylight is not an option.  Even if they are five minutes late to feed, their calves and pigs will notice.  If their dad asks them to be ready for harvest at 5 am, they know that if they’re late, it will be hard on Dad and the rest of his crew.  They’ve been taught that 5 minutes early is “on time.”


2.  Respect is something they value more than anything.
Farm kids work hard.  They work hard on the farm, in class, on the ball court or in the show ring.  They practice hard, so that when they have earned the respect of the adults and peers in their life, they appreciate it.  Conversely, they understand that respect is to be given to others of their peers who have earned it, and also to those in authority.  They know that respect is earned or given, never taken for granted.

3.  A hard day’s work is the only way to work.
Farm kids are up to feed and do chores before they have their breakfast and go to school.  After piano lessons or ball practice, they’re often out in the field or barn until 10 pm, helping their mom and dad or working their own stock.  Most people know a 8 to 5 job; not kids raised on a farm.  They are accustomed to a 5 to 8 job, and they do it 110%.


4.  They can speak their mind eloquently.
Between preparing a speech for National 4-H Congress or practicing oral reasons for the next FFA Livestock Judging contest, these kids know what they want to say, the importance of what they are saying, and the way to deliver it.  You won’t have to worry about them talking to your customers or clients. In fact, you will most likely want them to do the talking on behalf of your business.


5.  They are willing to do the dirty work.
Whether they had to muck out the pig pen, clean the combine or the bathroom, farm kids understand that it all has to be done.  Their’s may not be the most fun or glorious job, but they will do it correctly, thoroughly, and with a good attitude.  They know that no person is too good for any job, big or small.

6.  You won’t meet someone more driven than a farm kid.
Farm kids strive for greatness every single day.  Many farm kids love to compete in contests- they know the tremendous preparation it takes to compete, and the thrill of winning, whether it’s being the star of the volleyball team, maintaining a 4.0 gpa or earning “best showman” at the breeding ewe show.


And it’s not always contests that drive farm kids.  It may be cutting short their prom to get the disking done, or helping Dad get the harvest in before the threatening clouds hit their family’s year’s crop.  Or it may be helping their neighbor in the same way, or their little sister with her school project.  Farm kids have had the support of their family, their teachers and advisors along the way, so they tend to strive for better every day.

7.  Their record keeping skills are on point.
Farm kids have kept records since they were little.  4-H record books began when they were 9 years old, showing the value of their project.  Then they went on to FFA in high school, where they learned digitized business record keeping.  Many of their awards, grades and degrees depend on detailed and quality records, so making sure your business has records worth winning state contests won’t be a problem at all.


8.  Farm kids are clean cut.  You won’t find a farm kid with ink, weird piercings, long shaggy hair or beards, or droopy drawers.  Sure, when they’re working they get dirty, dirty, dirty.  But after they’re shined up to go to town, you can count on their appearance to be tidy, with neat fitting clothes and trim hair.  

9.  They have experience in a variety of different areas.
Living on a farm has taught them a wide assortment of skills, from ag. economics to plant science to engine rebuilding to calf management.  Farm kids have to be resourceful, because sometimes if something breaks and must be repaired; if it’s 15 miles one-way to go to town, they may have to figure out how to fix it on the spot.  Although they might be the youngest person applying for the job, farm kids know how to do all kinds of practical and useful things, and what they don’t know they will learn very quickly.


10.  Farm kids are very polite.
They were raised with “Yes ma’am,” “No sir,” “Can I help you with that,” or “Let me get the door for you.”  Farm kids know that they represent more than themselves – they represent their families, their teachers, their community, their state, the U.S.of A., and the farming industry as a whole!

If you want to do your company or business a favor, hire a farm kid!


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