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The Activist Italian Farmer

Here’s an interesting something for you.  The European Union court has ruled in favor of an Italian activist farmer who has defied his nation’s law by planting genetically modified corn. Italy had prosecuted Giorgio Fidenato for cultivating the corn on … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Corn

There’s nothing quite like fresh summer fruits and veggies. Crisp watermelon, juicy peaches, tangy tomatoes, and of course, fresh sweet corn with kernels that “POP” in your mouth! Sweet corn was developed right here in North America, when a natural … Continue reading

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Cereal Tidbits

In Rome, in 496 BC there was a drought.  The priests thought if they started worshiping the Greek goddess, Demeter, she might help.  They changed her name to Ceres from the Latin “crescere,” meaning “to grow” which is also the … Continue reading

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