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#28 Pinto the BlogDog – How to Train Your Sheep Dog

Howdy folks!  How’s it out there in humanland?  I know, I know, it’s been months since I wrote a post.  M’Lady’s been after me daily to “get on it, Pinto!” but I h’aint had no inspiration!  Till now that is. Wait’ll ya hear. … Continue reading

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#27 Pinto the BlogDog – You Say Placenta, I Say Deliciousness!

It’s that time of year again!  Placentas!  Placentas!  Placentas everywhere!  When a mamma ewe has her darling little lambys, after they are all delivered safely, the attendant (read: M’Lady) knows that delivery is finished when the ewe finally passes her placenta.  It’s … Continue reading

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Thought of the Week

I find that my dogs’ opinion of me is greatly influenced as to whether or not I have food. -The Readers’ Digest

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