American Lamb

Some quick fact that I gleaned from the Food Producers of Idaho’s Ag. Pavilion at the Western Idaho Fair in July this year.  For your use and storehouse of agricultural knowledge.


More than 80,000 family farmers raise lamb across every state in the U.S.



Lamb raised and sold in the U.S. is far fresher than lamb that is imported from abroad.  Much of the lamb we  in the U.S. consume is imported from New Zealand.
Those lambs travel 10,000 miles to get to your plate.
Compare that with lamb raised in your own state.


Sheep recycle vital nutrients back into the soil, improving the quality of the pasture and rangeland, while minimizing erosion and encouraging native plant growth.

Sheep graze on high-quality natural grasses and forage, resulting in succulent, tender meat for your table.


No growth hormones are used in U.S. lamb production.  Although they are not used in U.S. lamb production, growth hormones are legal for producers to us.

American Lamb producers take pride in raising their lamb from beginning to end.

To find American Lamb recipes for your dinner go to:

Want to know more about your shepherd?
See the Great American Lamb Tale and Sustainability sections
on the American Lamb website:


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