Field Trip to the Palouse

Spring is more than halfway through.  The crops are growing.  We thought we’d best check on everything for you.


Spectacular scenery


Todd Strader’s spring wheat, just up!


Todd’s baby garbanzos, nicely sprouted consistently throughout the field


Baby quinoa


The crop signs are all in place for the farm season.  Take a look at that beautiful wheat


One farmer, same farm, two crops


Rex, the new dog (Pinto hasn’t written about him yet, but will), climbing the hill above the shop on Bald Butte Ranch


That’s rancher, Les Ryan and our good fencer, Tim Cochran posing in a field of wildflowers.  We were scouting for a location to set new fences for Les’ cattle


Ryan Bros. gorgeous heifers, on the move


The heifers are so inquisitive, they’d come and sit on the porch for a visit, if you’d let them



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