Thought of the Week

No-till agriculture could provide one of the few relatively rapid responses to help hold off global warming.
When soil is plowed and exposed to air, oxidation of organic matter releases carbon dioxide gas.
No-till has the potential to increase the organic matter content of the top few inches of soil by about 1%.
This may sound like a small number, but over 20-30 years that can add up to 10 tons of carbon per acre.


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2 Responses to Thought of the Week

  1. Mary Chown says:

    Hi Robin, Do I interpret what you’re saying accurately, that in any given acreage, no-till methods decrease carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere while increasing humous soil composition by up to 1%? But on a per acre basis, by what rate of reduction and of increase, measured over what time period? I get the idea potential, just not the true exchange values and resulting net outcome. Can you explain, please? Mary Chown, junior farmer with pivot ruts…

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