New Farm Stats

Thought you’d enjoy having some more statistics on farms and food, for your daily conversation with the world.  These figures are from 2012 USDA Ag. Census.  


40% of all U.S. land is in farmland

97% of all farms are family owned

50% of the world’s food is produced by small farms using mostly family labor

1 out of 4 farms in the U.S. are operated by farmers with 10 years or less experience

There are 969,672 female farmers in the U.S. – that’s 30% of all farm operators! 

70% of all farms have access to DSL service

For every $1.00 spent on food, ranchers receive less than
$0.12 for their raw product.

Of the 10% disposable income Americans spend on food each year, 51% is for food eaten at home, 49% away from home.

USDA tracks the different types of food Americans eat:
Poultry: 82.7 pounds
Fresh veges: 33.2 pounds
Fresh fruit: 121.5 pounds
Milk: 20 gallons
Beef, pork, lamb: 107.8 pounds
Fats and oils: 82.8 pounds
Eggs: 242, Potatoes: 111.8 pounds
Rice: 21.2 pounds
Baked goods, pasta, cereals: 173.6 pounds

The top 5 commodities in the U.S. are (2012):
Cattle:  $76.4 billion 
Corn:  $67.3 billion
Poultry & eggs:  $42.8 billion
Soybeans:  $38.7 billion
Dairy:  $35.5 billion


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