Oprah Loses, Wheat Gains

Do you remember when television and multimedia diva, Oprah dissed eating beef, and cattle producers sued her?  Don’t expect anything like that to happen with the celebrity billionaire’s latest pronouncement.  Being referred to as “Oprah’s gift to grains,” the star has released a tweet on Twitter that she had eaten bread every day and has lot 26 pounds.

Oprah recently bought 10% of the Weight Watcher company for $43,000,000.00.  Jula Kinnaird, who heads the public relations firm working with Wheat Foods Council, said with all the negativity that has been thrown at the grain industry recently, Oprah’s announcement was “a breath of fresh air,” adding that the grain industry is working hard to maximize her pronouncement.


Although Oprah may have personally lost weight, her financial portfolio gained some heft. Based on her Weight Watchers ownership and the increase in the company’s share price after her weight loss announcment, she gained $120,000,000.00 in profit.

Her profit was a boon to the grain industry as well!  Thanks Oprah!

-WheatLife Magazine, March, 2016

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