Happy Birthday!

Here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY two our two dear old mares.  On April 1, 2016, Merrygold (on the right) turned 30 years old, and on May 1, Roxie (on the left) will be 35!  Considering that horses age roughly 3.5 years for each calendar year, these ladies are old!  That makes Merrygold 105 and Roxie 122!


Both horses have been retired for about 3 years.  Merrygold was my fine riding horse, she carried me hundreds of hours and thousands of miles over beautiful trails here in Idaho and in Washington.  We had many happy adventures together, packing and camping, taking day rides, climbing mountain trails, crossing creeks, exploring the endless countryside, enjoying gorgeous vistas with friends and their horses.

Roxie is the FarmGirl’s mare, and she, too, was a fabulous trail horse.  In her prime, she was ridden 500-1,000 hours a year – that’s a lot!

Now they mostly they hang around, grazing in the pasture, dozing, napping, and waiting to be fed their really expensive Equine Senior grain.  They’re definitely showing their age – they’re getting stiff in their joints, so we also give them a glucosamine supplement each day along with their grain.  They’re under the care of our good veterinarian, Dr. Matt.

Springtime makes them feel young, and every so often, I’ll see them kick up their heels, gallop around and snort a bit, just to shake things up.  Doing this, though, wears them out for the rest of the day!

The old dears.

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