Farmer Update – Dan Schneider

You may remember Dan’s farmer profile which we posted in March, 2014.  He wrote a nice update for me. Dan always looks forward with anticipation to the new farming season.  Here you go –

Hi Robin,

Everything is going pretty well on Garfield Farm.  Farming is not without its difficulties right now, but we are ready for the challenge.  It seems that oftentimes there are opportunities in the cracks of these challenges, and I feel it is our job to try tand find these opportunities.  Water is the crown jewel we have here to help generate these opportunities.

World stocks of wheat and corn are high right now and this seems to supress all farm -gate values when grains are not strong.  It plays a part in our forage and row crop values, even into our tree-fruit industry, with the exception of organic.  The west-coast port slowdown has cansued a major negative ripple effect for us all.  Way too much power held by the longshorement union!  This, in combination with a weak yen, yaun and really all foreign currencies has made it difficult to remain competitive, especially for our friends in Japan that have been loyal customers of ours!

I am ready, and always look forward to Spring!

Warm regards,


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