Update from Guy Therrien

Our good farmer, Guy Therrien sent me an update on his winter and what he has been doing.  This is his letter to me.

I hope your winter is going well.  It looks like ours is over, but February and March has lulled us to sleep before.  I don’t have any winter projects, but lots of winter maintenance on equipment, getting it ready for next season.

We will plant garbanzos on Omni Farm this spring.  The market looks promising for garbs.  I have been told by a marketer that the U.S. may be needing to import garbanzos before our harvest has started.  That could be a good value for garbs.  The wheat market looks poor for the near future.  A disaster somewhere in the world would change that.


This helps.

We have had good moisture this winter.  In December, we received 4.7 inches of moisture, and in January we had 3.5 inches.  So far, in February, we have already received 1.5 inches.  I think we are doing fine for now, but we have a long way to go.


The drear of winter in the Palouse.  Check out that dust storm.

Take care,


A new photo of the Therrien family!


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