Winter Snaps of Sweet Hills Farm

It’s blustery and cold, wind, rain and snow coming and going.  The land is resting, rejuvenating itself, and preparing for spring.  Just a few sights around Sweet Hills Farm for you to enjoy.



Pinto in a field of winter wheat.  The wheat was planted last September, and grew the height of about 4″ before the dormancy of winter.  It continues establishing its roots over winter, and will have a head-start this spring, growing fast.  It is harvested earlier than wheat planted in the spring.



Bright green winter wheat cheers up a winter scene.  Those snowy mountains are a beautiful sight.


Our neighbor’s field.  If you look real close, you can see the green sheen of barely-emerged winter wheat.  This field was planted later than ours, so the above-ground plant is shorter.  It will catch up as soon as the temperature warms this spring.


The corrugates are all made on New Farm.  This allows more moisture to be absorbed and retained into the soil for next season’s crop.  Sugar beets will be planted in April.


Snow on the Owhyee Mountains, fields and barns.


They’re pregnant, and enjoying their dinner.  The wool really does keep them nice and warm, even in the coldest chill.


The ewes, enjoying the sunshine on a crisp winter morning.


Merrygold & Roxie keep their blankets on whenever the temperature drops below 30*.  They’re old dames, and need the extra insulation to stay warm.

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