Potato Facts

Just some facts and statistics for you, about the MARVELOUS POTATO!

300,000 acres of Idaho potatoes,
and 165,000 acres of Washington potatoes,
are harvested each year

Approximately 6% are niche varieties such as
golds, reds, fingerlings and more


The average American eats approximately
110 pounds of potatoes each year!

America’s favorite vegetables are potatoes at 26%,
followed by corn at 19% and then broccoli at 17% of all vegetables consumed

New York state eats the most potatoes,
followed by Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas.


62% of Idaho potatoes are used in
processed products – frozen and dehydrated

29% are fresh market
9% are grown for seed (for next year’s crop)

The Idaho potato industry contributes
$2.7 billion to Idaho’s economy and provides 30,000 jobs.

Finally, people the country over think that the “Idaho Potato Truck,” now beginning it’s
4th year of touring the United States, carries a real potato, and that the truck must be lost!


Thanks, America – keep eating potatoes!

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