‘Manure,’ Not ‘Men Who Are’

There are many of us who lived and got along just fine before smart phones came along.  With that said, we’re able and willing and happy to take advantage and learn about the fabulousness of modern technology, specifically smart phones and their voice recognition apps.  It would be helpful if one could buy a farm-voice-recognition-app, because mine just can’t get it right; my cellphone seems to have a communication gap.

It confuses words like “boar” and “bore,” “gilt” and “guilt,” “barrow” and “barrel,” “cow” and “trowel.”*

It also has problems with “glyphosphate,” calling it “life is great.”  “Pasture” comes out “pastor,” “no-till” ends up as “not-ill,” and no matter how carefully I stress the “i,” “bin” comes out as “been.”  So, instead of ordering feed to be delivered to “bin two,” it comes out as “been to.”

Most recently, I had trouble with the word “manure.”  My phone translated it as “men who are.”  Even when I emphasized the mid-west pronounciation as “muh-nor,” it became “men or.”  Next I tried pronouncing it as my childhood-city-friends, saying “men-eeeer.”  It came out as “manuever.”  I said it louder.  I got back “menorah.”

I finally got the message from my phone.  It doesn’t want to deal with manure.  I can’t blame it.  Usually, I don’t want to either!

*boar = male hog, gilt = female hog, barrow = neutered male hog.

Western Farmer-Stockman, December, 2015

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