Thank You

Dear Reader,

Thanksgiving is just past, and as I was thinking about all that I am thankful for, I thought of you, our reader of Kiss My Tractor.  Thank you for reading our educational farming blog and for following us!  Thank you for paying attention to and learning about the people who grow and process your food, and for learning about science based information regarding your food.

We’d be interested to know – what have you learned by reading Kiss My Tractor?  Have your views of farmers and farming changed?  Have you been enlightened about a certain topic at all?  Please let us know!

With that said, we would like to write about topics which interest you, to research and answer questions you may have regarding farming and ranching, farmers and ranchers and food production.  Do you have ideas for topics?  Are there things in the news which you would like to have clarified or confirmed?  Do you know of a company, ag. industry or farmer you would like for us to write about?  Please write to us in the comment section of any post, and we will reply to you.

And, of course, we would like our readership to grow.  Please tell your friends and contemporaries about Kiss My Tractor, and ask them to follow us!



Ed tractor photo

Ed Schneider, the first farmer we profiled on Kiss My Tractor. He had a lot of faith in our brand new blog. Thanks Ed! Look at his beautiful tractor!

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