Said By A Farm Kid…


The grandmother, while loading lambs to take to market, tore a rip along the top of her right ring finger.  Down to the bone.  No tendons damaged.  Lots of blood.  But, it stopped bleeding pretty quickly, didn’t hurt too much, and the finger still worked, so she got the lambs all loaded before stopping to take a good look at it.

She showed it to her 4 year old grandson who was standing by.  He put his hands on his hips and peered closely at the gory wound.  After a careful inspection he looked up at his grandmother and proclaimed, “You need to go to the vet!”

Out of the mouths of babes.


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One Response to Said By A Farm Kid…

  1. Craigs Email says:

    Oh my, a trip to the Vet, classic. Great Post.

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