A Note From North Dakota!

We’ve happily received communication from a follower of Kiss My Tractor who happens to be TheBoss’ cousin, Lisa!  She and her husband are farmers in central North Dakota.  In fact, as part of their operation, they farm the original family homestead near Max, N.D.

Lisa sent a couple of beautiful photos of their spring, 2015 wheat harvest, along with this note:

“We have a couple of days of wheat harvest left at Max, and then 500 acres of flax ready at Roseglen.  It rained on Saturday, so everyone got some much needed rest after a couple of hard weeks of harvesting.  After the flax, we will do some spraying and fall work until the soybeans are ready in October.”  

Enjoy the photos.  And, thank you for sending them, Lisa!


Spring Wheat Harvest, Max, North Dakota


Gorgeous Harvest Photo, Max, N.D.


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