Scenes of Sweet Hills Farm

Here it is, the middle of summer, and I’m just posting springtime snaps of our New Farm.  You will remember that we just bought this farm last fall.  It had been neglected, hadn’t had a good crop planted on it in over 20 years.  This spring, we planted our first crop on it – field corn and wheat.  While they are basic crops, they are more forgiving for us as we become familiar with this new land.


Wheat, this photo taken in June. The heads are just beginning to fill out.  Can you imagine this place with 44 houses on it?



That’s the young field corn on the left, and wheat on the right.


Field corn, about half grown.


Wheat, beginning to turn, getting ready for harvest, with the corn crop in the distance.


Field corn on our homeplace. That’s about 10 feet high.


The pasture and barn, with the corn crop in the back-left. We are really pleased with the grass quality this year – abundant pasture for the stock.

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3 Responses to Scenes of Sweet Hills Farm

  1. This farm show how hard work you do. I can’t stop myself to appreciate it.

  2. It looks beautiful!

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