“DRYLAND” Makes Waves

“Dryland” Makes Waves Across the Region!

The documentary film “Dryland” follows the lives of Matt Miller and Josh Knodel, young farmers who live in Lind, Washington.  From the time they were teenagers, they wanted to become farmers and join their family farming operations.

The filmmakers hope that the move sparks meaningful conversations about where our food comes from, the future of family farming and sustainable agriculture.  Wheat farming is an essential part of all Americans’ lives, yet most residents of its larger cities know little about the day-to-day life as experienced by our country’s farmers.  It is the hope of the filmmakers that people will be educated about farming, especially about the various hardships facing today’s farmers.

Older farmers understand the costs of farming, the way that farmers have to balance so many things in their lives to get their farming business up and going. Most city dwellers have no connection to farming, and are surprised to learn about the values depicted in the film, which is a contrast to the stereotypes they have learned through the media.

“Dryland” is slated for screenings at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, Boardman, Oregon, Coeur d’ Alene and Moscow, Idaho, Pullman, Washington and Missoula, Montana.

Check it out at:


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