Thoughts on GMOs

The following was written by Larry Cochran, President of Washington Association of Wheat Growers (WAWG).

 Most people don’t even know what GMO stands for, (it stands for genetically modified organisms), but for me it’s just another way of speeding up the breeding process.  I have a boss, Mother Nature, who does her own form of GMO breeding.  Whether it’s new races of diseases or insects that have evolved, she’s always changing the rules.  If we in agriculture want to be able to feed the world’s population, we have to be able to grow more food on less land, and I believe GMOs can help us do that.

As stated in our WAWG resolutions, “We are confident that biotechnology will deliver significant consumer and producer benefits, and we support continued biotechnology research, and product and market development.  We invite valued and interested customers to join with us in a working partnership to explore the emerging biotechnology industry.”

The decision to plant biotech (GMO) crops is a choice every farmer has to make for themselves.  We support and will work to ensure the ability of wheat producers to make planting and marketing choices based on their own economic, agronomic and market factors.

WheatLife magazine, February, 2015

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