Why Farmers Plant GMO Crops

Despite referendums around the country that are trying to restrict genetically engineered crops, a review of research on the crops’ impact to farming found the technology overwhelmingly positive.

The analysis by PLOS ONE, a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science, included all studies of the agronomics and economic impacts of GM crops published in English between 1995 and March, 2014.  Among other things, the review found that the increase in yield for both herbicide tolerance and insect resistance resulted in 69% higher profits for farmers who used them (despite the high cost of seed).

Also, GM crops do better in poor countries with yields 14% better than rich countries, because pests and weeds are a bigger problem in poor countries, meaning that the GM resistance to pests and weed killers has a larger positive impact.

Wheat Life Magazine, January, 2015


Click HERE to read another article from the Scientific American regarding the performance of GM crops in Third World countries. Interesting read!

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