It’s About Time – To Get Off The Gluten-Free Bandwagon!

One of the most trusted names in the evaluation of products and claims has come down firmly on the side of gluten!  The January, 2015 edition of Consumer Reports not only busts gluten-free diets, but suggests those attempting them are doing so at their peril.  Here are the magazine’s six reasons for rethinking the gluten-free juggernaut:

1.  Gluten-free isn’t more nutritious and may be less so;

2.  You’ll probably increase your exposure to arsenic by eating more rice;

3.  You might gain weight because you’ll be eating a lot more sugar and fat;

4.  You’ll pay a lot more for your food, in some cases more than 3 times more than a gluten diet;

5.  You might miss a serious health condition by thinking gluten is the problem, and;

6.  You might still be eating gluten because 5% of certified gluten-free products still have gluten.

Never-the-less, the magazine reported that since 2012, sales of gluten-free products have risen 63%, with 4,599 products introduced last year.  Why?  “It’s a gold mine.”  Potato growers have especially taken advantage of the fad diet with sales of gluten-free labeled potato chips increasing 456% since 2012.  Way to go potato growers!  Way to go wheat growers!

So – Just Eat Your Wheat!

Wheat Life Magazine, January, 2015

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